Company Profile

Foxes & Firearms, LLC, was founded in 2013 to provide educational opportunities empowering women in the exciting world of firearms. Women are the fastest growing market in the gun world. We have more options available now than ever before. Foxes & Firearms developed an introduction to handgun class specializing in women's strengths.

Throughout our years of teaching we have had request to teach self-defense protection classes so we are proud to announce we are now offering the NRA Refuse to be a Victim classes. As Always our goal is to provide comfortable, interactive learning environments in everything we do.

Foxes & Firearms

Owner/Lead Instructor: Dee Pelkey

NRA Certifications 

Pistol Instructor

​Range Safety Officer

​Refuse to be a Victim

​Home Firearm Safety Course

FAS Certifications

Defensive Handgun 

Tactical Handgun 

Treatment of Trauma Injuries

Basic Rifle   

Grey Solutions Certifications 

Basics of Tactical Shooting

Civilian Active Shooter Response

The Marksman Certifications

Lines of Defense

Basic Pistol Marksmanship